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The Potterwatch Prophet

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Potterwatch Prophet
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The first newsletter for all things DH and Post DH.

Hello. Thank you for subscribing to The Potterwatch Prophet
Weekly, we will be bringing you a list of all things Deathly Hallows or Post-Deathly Hallows related. So if you've written a story, drawn a picture, made an icon, created a community, are hosting a contest, or any other Deathly Hallows or Post-Deathly Hallows news just email us at potterwatch.prophet@gmail.com or just leave a comment and we will put it in our next issue. We plan to post a new issue every Saturday.

To subscribe to our publication simply add us to your friends list or 'watch' us.

If you want to be included in our publication, please review the Submission Guidelines:
1) Tell us about your contrubution. Please include pairings, ratings, etc.
2) Don't forget to include a link to your work.
3) Don't forget to include your LJ name.

We also have a classified ads section. To put in an ad please write up an advertisement for what you want, post it to your journal or community and send us a link.

At this time your submissions will be in two consecutive issues.

Credit goes to minty_peach for our layout.